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-- we begin this week, i should say, with america's middle class. as you likely know, ground zero for the failing policies of recent american politics. we're, of course, talking about the millions struggling to make ends meet, while paying the price for so many of america's outdated systems. whether that's two wars with no clear exit strategy. you know the narrative. funding a financial structure that takes money from the middle class as opposed to lending it to them. or broken health care system. not to mention a massive, inefficient, opaque government that continues to run record deficits and be dominated by special interests in a culture of cultural expediency. those middle-class families are the ones seeing layoffs at the astounding pace we have reported over and over again on this show and so many other places. they're also the people who are either losing their homes or they're stuck in those homes because the value of their mortgage is so much more than the actual value of the property at this point. compare a family of four in 2007 and compare that same family in 1971. whe
caucus every few months. >>> in america today, what will republicans do with president obama's olive branch? he's reaching out to the gop yet again despite a year of pushbacks and criticisms. is he being naive or crazy like a fox. and what will it do for the gridlock in washington. >>> an international conspiracy to declare economic warfare on the united states. we're breaking it down. >>> also, what sarah palin says she would to with the tea party. all that, plus a few stories we found while we were supposed to be working. can you say what the cluck? "the dylan ratigan show" starts right now. >>> >>> good afternoon to you. i am dylan ratigan. we begin today with a biblical story of noah and the floods. yes, i'm not kidding. how it relates to what is happening in america today. as the noah of story goes, he sent a tof, you see the dove there? to look for try land after a great flood had wiped out the earth. the dove returned with an olive branch, like the one i have in my hand, or the lovely one you see depicted on the screen. a sign of reconciliation, a gesture of goodwill, a symbol
" poll might give both parties pause. 21% approve of the job congress is doing running america, that includes the republican minority that would have everyone believe that it was simply an upon the moderator. the president says he gets it. >> the same thing that swept scott brown into office swept me into office. people are angry and they're frustrated. >> so what does it all mean for health care, for instance? here is our "reality check" not just for the democrats but everyone working in washington, d.c. if this doesn't make it obvious, i don't know what will. if you let the special interests write your legislation for you the voters are going to throw you out of office. case in point. as we all watched the extraction of any actual reform from the helicopter bill, person pechuation of the monopoly, no portability, no choice. the insurance monopoly represented by their stocks reaped the rewards of a government that was not only going to not reform the system but mandate everybody buy their health insurance into an unreformed monopoly. they call that freedom? i don't think so. a
the government for their own benefit at the expense of america's future and its taxpayers. washington is never going to change the game until voters and consumers demand that they do so. and joining us now, joe kline, a columnist for "time" magazine, author of the 92 campaign. lanny davis, former special counsel in the white house and arianna huffington. welcome all three of you to our inaugural program. mr. kline, good to see you. >> good to be here. >> i look at this and say, oh, my goodness gracious, these people are running my country. these people are making decisions about our country in the context of a value system and a culture that clearly is oblivious to the fact that 50 or 60 years have gone by. am i being too harsh on them? >> yes i've covered like nine of these. >> i understand. >> and my dad, you know, my idea of a great politician is a guy who cheated on his wife continually, drank a pitcher of martinis every night, lied to the public. lied to the staff. and my parents voted for him four times. franklin d. roosevelt. i don't care. this stuff is interesting. it's fun. it's juicy
>>> if there is anyone out there who still doubts that america is a place where all things are possible, tonight is your answer. change has come to america. >> you lie! >> in america today people are angry. one in five of us out of work, one in four in houses worth less than the mortgage that lays on top of them, health care reform derailed before our very eyes by special interests and back room deals and wall street continuing to be allowed to gamble with our money in secret. the outrage understandable in america. and that outrage partially aimed at president obama and the political games he has yet to be able to break up in this country and, in fact, has himself become a part of. take a look. nbc news "wall street journal" poll shows 70% think washington isn't doing enough to regulate wall street. no surprise. they have done nothing since the collapse to claw back money, tax future profits let alone close the loopholes that got us into the mess. meanwhile, an overwhelming 84% think lobbyist have too much influence on capitol hill and in the white house. think of the back
the amount of risk any one bank in america can take on in an effort to make their executives rich. under these rules, your bank could no longer gamble with your money. >> as economics professor william black who has joined us a number of times pointed out this morning, this is a great start. and i could not agree more, or applaud the president or his administration more for their efforts, finally, to take on directly our bankers who have sought to exploit their special privileges, not to help our democracy or our country, but to help themselves to enrich themselves. joining us now, we welcome back in fact senator maria cantwell, democrat from the great state of washington. and a member of the senate finance committee. she has been front and center pushing for stronger bank reform, including a proposed piece of legislation last fall in which you partnered with senator john mccain to propose the cantwell/mccain amendments to the senate legislation that would effectively try to reduce this exact type of gambling, gambling with other people's money. your reaction to the president's proposal,
capital, as we were sleeping here in america last night. what does that say about our enemies, and our allies in kabul. what is the level of control of the capital city in that country. jim miklaszewski live with a report. >>> signs that the late-night mess on nbc may be coming to a conclusion. are we now just days away from conan o'brien's final show on nbc. >>> plus, some stories we found while we were supposed to be working. we're back after the break. accord ex. and camry le. every year, they battle it out in the fuel efficiency rankings. seems like a lot of work to play catch up. the award winning chevy malibu. offering 33 miles per gallon highway. may the best car win. fancy feast appetizers. [dinner bell chimes] high quality ingredients like wild alaskan salmon in a delicate broth, without by-products or fillers. fancy feast appetizers. celebrate the moment. i thought i was invincible. i'm on an aspiriregimen now because i never want to feel that helplessness again. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. ta to your doctor, and take
america will rise to the challenge. >> i want the people of haiti to know that we will do what it takes to save lives and to help them get back on their feet. i also want to thank the american people more broadly in these tough times, you've shown extraordinary compassion. already donating millions of dollars. >> americans coming to the rescue in an overwhelming response. the red cross says that it has received more than $35 million in the past few days for quake relief. that includes $5 million raised simply through text messaging. and next friday night, nbc will join all of america's major broadcast networks in a telethon intended to raise funds for what has been the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. in the middle of so much death, we are seeing amazing stories of survival. dramatic pictures of a 2-year-old boy pulled from the rubble alive. he had been buried there since the quake hit tuesday afternoon just before 5:00 p.m. and the reunion between the boy and his mother, heart-warming in the context of so much tragedy. also last night, a new jersey woman found alive in the wre
are running out of food and water. america is rushing to the rescue. can anything be done? >> we can save as many lives as we can. >> reporter: also, our interview with the man who's facing down wall street executives and calling them out for their bad behavior. >> acts of god will exempt these acts of men and women. >> we'll talk to phil angelides about the broken system and how to fix it. >>> and recouping your bailout money. >> we want our money back and we're going to get it. >> is the $90 billion enough? it's our "reality check." all that, plus you need to know about a final push for a health care deal and talk of a new terror threat from yemen. the dylan rat i gone show starts right now. >>> >>> good afternoon to you. i am dylan ratigan. in just a few minutes we'll be talking to phil angelides, calling out wall street bankers as he tries to uncover the truth about the rot in america's financial system. we also have developing news on health care and a look inside the lives of about attempting to repay the t.a.r.p. >>> but for obvious reasons, we begin with the crisis in haiti. here'
to future job creation do you view the resurrection of sound banking law in america? >> very important. in fact, in my judgment, the greatest single drag on a recovery is the fact that small business cannot get access to capital, and the banks need to be involved, and they need to be doing more than they're doing. and the president spoke to the needs to have appropriate protective regulation. i think we're going to see appropriate financial institutions regulated in a way that will prevent what has happened from happening again. but i want this administration and our banks to work to make sure that our business community, our small business community especially, has access to capital. jobs will be created, expansions will be made, and investments will occur if we can get access to capital. profitable businesses that have paid their bills, done everything right, are telling me that they cannot get access to capital. and that's a huge, huge problem. >> last question for you. looking at your state tax revenues, you've done a very good job of reducing your overhead. i can see you've done a
. >> reporter: in america today, the real message from president obama's state of the union. restoring our faith in government. being honest about banks. lobbyists and the shady side of the political process. is this change we can still believe in? >>> also, the president's promises on the chief. >> jobs must be our number one focus in 2010. >> reporter: from tax incentives to high-speed rail projects, can uncle sam jump-start the economy and get americans back to work. we're breaking it down. >>> and what you need to know about the ben bernanke vote and a setback for a terror trial in new york. all that, plus a few stories we found while we were supposed to be working. "the dylan ratigan show" starts right now. >>> we saw some good rhetoric from the president last night. we saw some bad rhetoric from the president last night. but in america today, the question is, will our president's actions match his rhetoric, period. good afternoon. i'm dylan ratigan. and the front page of the sauflt "today" here says it all. we have a deficit of trust. the president said it himself, acknowledging last night
in america. breaking today, federal reserve chairman ben bernanke now calling -- this is an about face -- a full government audit of the federal reserve's involvement in the multibillion dollar aig bailout. documents held secret. that money paid through the new york division of the federal reserve, which at the time was run by tim dwight ner, who is currently our treasury secretary and has the power to reveal those documents, or demand the revelations of those e-mails but has heretofor refused to do so. a vote could come as soon as friday of this week, and let's say his decision to request the audit is aimed at stemming outrage over the taxpayer rescue and ongoing secrecy surrounding those payments. let us not forget, it was also bernanke's fed that provided the cheap money that helped fuel the mess in the first place and now continues to offer infinite supply of dollars to the biggest banks in this country, to try to make the problems of the past go away. meantime, on the bailout front, bailout watchdog elizabeth warren has issued a warning cry to everybody in america. in a letter to
. and his promise of real change ahead. so much optimism in the air. and in america today, a built of a reality check on what a difference a year makes. here's the president now. >> i'd rather be a really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president. >> now, this marks a real change in tone for a man who entered the white house riding a wave of public support. the president's approval rating plunge ed from a high of close 70%. makes you wonder about the real state of our union. gallup poll showed the president was the most polarizing one in the history of the country in his first office. 65 percentage point gap of approval ratings among registered republicans and registered democrats. less than a quarter of registered republicans agree that he's doing a good job. that oh mitts more than a third of the american voters who are neither registered republican or democrat. there is no question, however, that partisan politics have slowed down the president's agenda during a period where time has been of the essence. we're dealing with double-digit unemployment. you know thi
for john mack. brian moynihan just stepped in as ceo of bank of america. he stands to do fine. his predecessor made $150 million in the five years before stepping down, the world's most fungible commodity product which is the u.s. dollar. the man made money making hurricane has devastated our economy. 10% of our nation is out of work. real employment stands at nearly 18%, working 20. the deficit has skyrocketed over the past ten years. our national debt now more than $12 trillion, that is a "t" dollars. for more than 2 million families they've lost their homes to foreclosure in the past three years. senior citizens in this country who live on fixed incomes denied interest on their savings so banks can receive tons of cheap money from our government in an effort to gamble their way out of the hole they created. you can so to you hurricane makers, we say it is time for you to come clean about your actions. let us fix your crooked system and finally pay us back for your destruction. today more gan stanley ceo john mack and j.p. morgan jamie diamond talked about clawbacks to recoupe fu
number for a party that claims to represent the lower middle class and working class of america, especially tea partiers say the price tag for that reason, too expensive for working americans at that movement. in theory, represents that the event is too tied to the gop. because of scheduled appearances by both sarah palin and minnesota representative michelle bachman. >>> moving on to our own house. breaking news from the world of entertainment. koo nan o'brien has issued an ultimatum to the brass at nbc. he said he will not host the "tonight show" if it airs after midnight. plans were afoot to move the jay leno show to 11:35, as soon as the winter olympics are concluded. conan raising the ante. he said you delay the "tonight show" to accommodate another comedy program, it will seriously damage what i consider to be the greatest franchise in the history of broadcasting. he may have a point. so what happens now? will nbc blink? pop culture columnist and contributor to "the dylan ratigan show," all two days old, tore. who blinks? what are we really seeing here? forget what's going
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15